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About Live To Ride Racewear

Live To Ride Racewear was born from the love of everything on two wheels. The brainchild of an ex Mountainbike stunt rider with a life-long passion for racing and the nostalgic atmosphere surrounding motorcycle racing, Live To Ride Racewear was merely a dream for almost 13 years. With a long running affiliation within the motorcycle racing scene in the UK and a strong passion for building motorcycles, Brett Nightingale (LTRR founder and MD) felt 2013 was the right time in his life to launch Live To Ride Racewear and the dream began it's journey to reality.

In Brett's words, "Live To Ride" just captivates, for me, exactly what bikers with or without engines live for. I spent most of my late teens and early twenties banging about on Mountain Bikes throwing myself off everything imaginable and smashing myself senseless, but my love for bikes is what kept my soul alive, a bit deep i know, but truly two wheels are when and where i switch off and escaped the pressures and stress of everyday life. Working within the motorcycle industry with racers, engine builders, bike builders, painters and such alike I have inevitably moved onto engine power and my life truly exists in and around motorcycles. My family live and breathe it with me, and my wife is a big part of Live To Ride Racewear, without her my dreams would not have become this reality. Live To Ride is a brand for bikers and Extreme Sports enthusiasts, we feel it stands for exactly what it says, for those that ride to live, for those that Live To Ride!"

This is a grass roots brand built upon a child's love of two wheels that has become a fundamental part of his adult life and is now a reality. Live To Ride Racewear represents bikers world-wide, whatever you ride, whatever age, colour or race, bikers are a global brotherhood rivaled by no other community on the planet, Live To Ride stands for all, lost but not forgotten, and for those still living the dream. Be a part of our history, and build a future with us...


A sad loss but we will remember him...

On the 3rd of June 2014 Live To Ride Racewear and the world lost one of the great personalities and motorcycle racers of our era, Karl "Bomber" Harris was the first pro rider to support the launch and rise of Live To Ride and with-out him and his girlfriend Karen Crane we would not have had the support and recognition we have had over the past few years. Bomber was really the true beginning of our brands launch into the mainstream motorcycle world and with-out his personality and Karens help this would never have happened like it has. I was a great fan of Karl Harris, i first met him year's ago at Brands Hatch, to grow up, start a business and to have him wearing our clothing was just the icing on the cake, to lose him was devastating to all who knew him.

Well, we dedicate Live To Ride Racewear and the future of the brand in the name of Karl "Bomber" Harris, his children and of course his girlfriend Karen Crane.

Live To Ride has the support of some amazing friends and top riders from Circuit racing to the Drag-strip, we are absolutely astounded and feel very privileged to have the support of all our friends, riders and the people that love our brand. We would like to thank each and every one of you who help play a part in the history of our company....and a special thanks to Bomber, you legend!

Our Testimonials

Lovely quality clothing, T-shirts fit great and the hoodies are toasty warm. Made by people from the biking community for a change..

~ Phil Wood

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